Esaote MyLab™ Gamma eHD Cardio

Colour Doppler ultrasound system Esaote MyLab Gamma eHD - Demonstration - System

The MyLab™Gamma is premium, portable and “eco-friendly” ultrasound systems.

Based on Esaote’s product-oriented plattform, it is possible to use the light system with all features in every environment – from point-of-care to shared-service-solutions. Portable and with battery, the MyLab™ Gamma is able to boot from the standby mode. So the system is ready to use within seconds.

The offered system is a Demonstration System which you can inspect and try in our showroom.





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Technical specifications

  • Superb quality imaging
  • Highest mobility
  • Ready to use within seconds
  • Easy touchscreen usage
  • Fast, efficient workflow
  • Long time battery service
  • Modern wireless-connectivity
  • Wide range of available transducers

Delivery contents

  • Colour Doppler Esaote MyLab Gamma
  • 2 transducer connectors
  • General Imaging-Cardio-M-View-Lizenz
  • Battery-Kit
  • User presets
  • Convex probe CA2541 1-8 MHz
  • Phased-Array probe SP2730  1-5 MHz
  • Linear probe SL1543    4-13 MHz
  • Battery-Kit
  • EKG patient wire
  • Medical cart height-adjustable
  • Accessory set (Wire-US-Gel)
  • user manual / german

First start-up



The system and the probes are in new condition.


We warrant guarantee limited for 12 months.

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